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All you Need is Love

February! The Month of LOVE! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! How will you show your loved one how much he or she means to you?

We asked a few members of our Coastal Dog family, how they plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their most beloved companion. By which, of course, we mean, the family dog.

Renata and Digory:



We will go for a walk in the woods! Valentine’s (every) Day begins with an exuberant greeting. We meet in the morning in the kitchen as if we haven’t seen each other in years. This special greeting is our Valentine’s (every) Day greeting,  followed by a walk in the woods. The greeting ritual consists of Digory leaning his large frame into mine, and making sure that I scratch his ears sufficiently before we move on to anything else. Once that is taken care of, we head out for a long leisurely stroll on this special (every) day.


Bill and Scout:


Bill and Scout

Scout and I spend Valentines (every) morning in this way: She wakes up 7 minutes before I want to wake up, plants her heavy head on the side of the bed and wags her tail ferociously for several minutes. The tail wag creates loud thumping noises against the bedroom wall as well as major vibrations against the bed, so who needs an alarm clock? Ferocious and earnest tail wagging is accompanied by a unique mind meld stare. She focuses her large brown eyes into my sleeping skull so that I can physically feel her looking at me even with my eyes closed and I know telepathically that I need to wake up NOW as it is Valentine’s (every) Day and we need to go for our special Valentine’s (every) Day walk.


Laura and Sparky:



Sparky gets very special treatment on Valentine’s (every) Day. Sparky gets his breakfast  lovingly hand-prepared and served promptly on Valentines (every) Day morning. Sparky reviews the breakfast offering and then decides whether to partake at that moment. If not then, the offending breakfast offering is removed immediately. This is a special (every) day and we want his Valentine’s (regular) breakfast to be up to snuff. After waiting a suitable period of time, I present Sparky with a new breakfast offering which includes a treat, AND later, of course, a very special Valentine’s (daily) dessert.



These are just some of the ways friends will spend this special day with their most cherished and loved companions. What will you do?

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Coastal Dog!


Stephanie and Charlie

Charlie in cap


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We got a jump start on our bucket lists by traveling to Sydney, Australia and swimming with creatures wonderful and diverse on the Great Barrier Reef such as the cool and colorful Picasso Trigger Fish (pictured).

Sydney is not only home to some wonderful and beautiful coastlines in the world, but also some pretty cool ocean pools. An ocean pool is a cement pool located in the ocean but safe from sharks and other creatures that might sting or bite (and in Australia there are a few of those!).

We also went to Santiago, Chile and swam in hot springs in the Andes mountains. See a theme here? Where there is water – there we are! If your News Years Resolution includes travel both chile and Australia are good bets! Lots of coast line!

If you and your Coastal Dog swim suit head to any gorgeous swimming locations let us know! Where’s your favorite swimming hole? Rock pool? Ocean? Lake? Send a photo of where your travels take us and if you like, we’ll include in our gallery.

Wishing you all the best in 2016.


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Did you know that October is Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness month?

We have to admit, we did not. Until… we got letters and emails from customers and friends who have children or other family members with SPD.
According to the SPD foundation, SPD is the term used to describe the way that a person’s nervous system “receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses.” And that “no matter what activity you are engaged in, successful completion of the activity requires processing and integrating those sensations.” It is estimated that SPD may affect one in 20 people in the general population.
SPD, also known as Sensory Integration, can affect people in various ways. For example, some people with SPD find clothing, and those irritating tags on clothing, unbearable. And this is precisely what prompted several of our customers to write us. In a regular swim suit, internal mesh nets that capture sand in sensitive places is enough to make anyone uncomfortable, but especially so for a child or adult with SPD. Because Coastal dog suits have no mesh, but rather, a soft internal lining with no seams, it is a more comfortable experience for the child – and adult – with SPD. The quick drying properties of the Coastal Dog suits are an added bonus and the fact that no tags rub against skin make a day at the beach or the pool more comfortable.
If you think a CD suit could be helpful to someone you know with SPD, you can, of course get them right here. If you are in Canada, you can get them from our friends at Sensory Stylin.
If you would like to find out more information about SPD, here are some helpful links:
1. The SPD foundation
2. Books on SPD
3. How to get involved in SPD awareness month

Thanks, as always, for stopping by the Coastal Dog blog.

Stephanie Magee

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Suit up!

Happy Summer!!

Summer has finally reached New England!! In case you hadn’t heard, we had the most snow on record this winter in Boston – over 110 inches (that’s over 9 feet, ladies and gentlemen)! So, it seems like the snow only recently melted in the back yard.

In fact, we pretty much just got over this:


Nice view!


Handy dandy snow staircase to the roof of the porch.



             and this….







 and this……


My colleague trying to decide whether to shovel through 8 feet of snow to get to the front door, or to just enter the house through the second story windows…

Well, we made it through, Boston’s Wicked Winter and now we have gardens blooming, blue skies, puffy white clouds, and warm days. And, as usual, it is just about now when we spot more and more Coastal Dog suits on the shores of Walden Pond, as well as Good Harbor beach.  Wherever you wear them, and whenever you wear them (like our friend Joey who wore them in slightly cooler temps for the Polar Plunge!)  enjoy all 104 days of summer before the snow comes back! 

Suit up, and get outside and play!

Stephanie Magee

Founder and CEO

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Back to Summer

I saw the very first Back to School commercial this week. It’s still July, and my calendar says summer ain’t even close to being over!  There is plenty of time left for the beach, many more days to sleep in, and for watching cartoons in pajamas while sitting on the sofa munching a bowl of sugary cereal.

Speaking of cartoons, one of our young Coastal Dog fans, (Maggie, age 14) created this wonderful animation for us! It’s so great that our fans are helping us communicate the message about these great suits! You can watch it here, and you won’t see one single back to school commercial in it!

Enjoy your summer!

Stephanie Magee

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This is Your Lucky Day!

This, beautiful chunk of chocolate, is Lucky.



Lucky is in need of a forever home. He has very special qualities that would make him a great addition to your family. You look at his beauty shot above and you fall in love. Of course. It happens! But first, before you adopt any pet, you must ask yourself three important questions to make sure you are the right fit for each other:

1. Are you on a weight loss plan?
Good news! Lucky LOVES yogurt! Lucky would be happy to eat half of it for you to even further reduce your caloric intake and get you on the road to weight loss quickly!
It's French Vanilla! How could you NOT love it?

It’s French Vanilla! How could you NOT love it?

2. Do you need help in the garden?
Awesome! Because Lucky loves to drink from the hose! If you are not around – he can figure out how to work the nozzle himself and thus, your plants are watered simply by having adopted this smart fellow!
Lefty  loosie, righty tighty. I so got this!

Lefty loosie, righty tighty. I so got this!

3. Do you have a surly teen in your house?
Not to worry! Lucky gets along swimmingly with teens – surly or not!
Lucky is one handsome devil – he is 4 years old and a lovely shade of chocolate brown with white markings. He was surrendered to a shelter in Harrison New York after his family suffered a devastating house fire. Lucky likes his privacy and would prefer a house with no other pets. And really, who could blame him? A cat would hog the sofa, a bunny would get under foot, and another dog would simply feel under appreciated what with Lucky’s charm and good looks.
If you are in need of an adorable companion, you can contact The SPCA of Westchester where he is in the golden outreach training program to become a therapy dog in assisted living facilities.
Today could be your Lucky day!


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Made in the USA – Guest Blogger Emily Marvin

We asked aspiring writer, and Coastal Dog fan, Emily Marvin – aged 13, if she would be our guest blogger for our Fourth of July blog post. She said yes! And so, as the Coastal Dog staff hit the beach, we handed Emily the laptop, and in very patriotic fashion, she uses her right to free speech to blog about Coastal Dog.

Thank you Emily!

My mom just folded a big basket of my laundry and she noticed that not one piece of my clothing was made in the United States, not even my Fourth of July t-shirt!

This t-shirt traveled a long way to celebrate the Fourth of July!

If you start paying attention, you’ll notice that hardly anything seems to be made in the United States anymore. Things like clothing, furniture, and electronics are commonly made in countries like China, Taiwan, Mexico, etc. The good news is that there are still some manufacturers in the United States, including Coastal Dog. All Coastal Dog apparel is made right in Fall River, Massachusetts, by local workers.

Products made in the U.S. create jobs for millions of Americans. These jobs give opportunities to all types of workers-from seamstresses, carpenters, and autoworkers to engineers, scientists, and bankers. Some other popular products made mostly in the US include Weber Grills, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Kitchen Aid Mixers, and Post It Notes!

Even this tag was made in the USA

So when you buy from Coastal Dog, you can feel good knowing you will be “chafe-free”, while also supporting the US economy.

Emily Marvin - Patriotic Blogger

Emily Marvin – Patriotic Blogger


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